Virtual Reality - the future of employee training:

VR technology is growing at a rapid pace. One of the most impactful application of VR technology is training. VR is not just about saving money, it can provide better outcomes than many traditional learning methods. It reduces the time taken to learn, decreases the number of trainees errors, increases the amount learned, and helps learners retain knowledge longer than traditional methods.

VR can totally immerse the trainees in the simulation, to the point where they begin to respond to it just as they would in a real-life situation. Retention rates for lecture style learning are at 5%, and reading rates are at 10%, while VR has a retention rate of 75%.

What is Immegine ?

Immegine is the state of the art platform to create highly immersive virtual reality trainings in order to train faster, better and cheaper than ever before ina safe and engaging 3D space. Our virtual reality training solutions are designed to satisfy any specific training needs and provide higher levels of engagement and understanding of the training objective. Training benefits are not just a matter of opinion but are backed by research on learning and training.

Real learning in a virtual world

We provide valuable learning solutions for a variety of tasks in any industry and create more effective trainings at a lower cost and in less time. VR trainings are more visual as the subject matter is presented in a visually stunning interactive 3D models, surrounded by realistic environment, that most people will find really appealing.

.gamification We use the game design and mechanics to enhance trainings by increasing participation, engagement, loyalty and competition. Games, in any form, increase motivation through engagement.

.learning safer As novices are the most likely to make mistakes, they need a safe place to practice their skills until they are confident in them, especially when dealing with costly, rare, or dangerous environments.

.training management system The centralized location for all training activities, administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs. You can plan, implement, assign and track your training initiatives, track employee profiles and schedule training events. The software also manages the identification, responsibilities, authorities, training and certification requirements for each employee in an easy-to-use environment.

Immegine features

Reduce learning costs and save time

Accelerate knowledge transfe

Improves retention and recall

Suitable for different learning types

Immersive realistic scenario

Safe, controlled learning environment

Gamification engaging user experience

Provide reporting and feedback

Simplifies complex problems and situation

Embed different types of media content

Custom made according to your need

Can be done remotely