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Project Description:

Sales Assistant is one of the few applications for selling products. Application focuses on delivering better experience for both customers and consultants. Consultant is able to create the best offer for a customer, based on his requirements.

Besides creating an offer, Sales Assistant provides customers with information regarding offered products. With the Sales Assistant, it is also possible to search products and compare them.

Customers can choose smartphone with a specific tariff plan. If a customer is not conviced yet, he can leave the store and come later. The whole offer with his requirements is stored and can be found if customer comes back. If a customer decides to buy certain products, he can process to checkout and consequently to payment which is another application.

The main screen of the Sales Assistant is a stage where you can drag products from side bar, compare and bundle them. Application is set to run mainly on tablets or touch screens, but it is possible to work with it also on any device.


Frontend: Angular 7, Typescript, RxJS, SCSS, HTML5

Backend: JDK 11, Java EE 8, JPA, Liquibase, Elasticsearch, Docker, NGINX

Interfaces: REST services, Swagger, Kibana