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Smart Support is web based application for agents, residential customers and other customer types. After selection of service and appropriate symptom can Smart Support FE application display information from Machine learning (backend system), in customer friendly form. Dynamically rendered activity forms and forms elements are displayed and collecting information from customer in order to solve appropriate issue.

The solution can be selected from several actions with percentual scoring information. FE application displays different kinds of measurement data and history of performed actions.

Smart Support solution helps end customers solve their problems, helps first level support staff, and reduces the amount of staff needed for first level support.


Frontend: Angular 8, Typescript, RxJS, Sass, Gradle, Node, Jasmine, E2E with Protractor

Backend: JDK 1.8, REST services, SAM corporate framework

Development: Oracle Virtual Box, IntelliJ IDEA, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Jira, Agile development with SAFE