European Mobile Provider



Project Description:

A universal API solution for all front-end applications of an international telco company.

Workflows cooperated on development of the backend API layer to provide unified REST interfaces for OneApp mobile application. Development of several backend applications and microservices based on Spring Boot and Embedded Tomcat running in Docker containers on Kubernetes platform.


Backend: Java JDK/OPEN JDK 8, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Embeded Tomcat, Gradle, Swagger, Flyway, Junit, Mockito, Lombok, Log4j, PostgreSQL

Interfaces: REST services, Swagger, Kibana

Tools: STS - Spring Tool Suite - Eclipse platform, Gradle, Lombok, Sonar Lint, Jira, Confluence, GitLab Community Edition, SonarQube, Kibana, Kubernetes Dashboard. SoapUI, Postman, AB - Apache benchmarking tool, VisualVM, Oracle Java Mission Control