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Project Description:

Organizing waiting times as efficiently as possible can be a make or break factor in terms of the customer experience in sales environments with extensive consulting. Requests vary from customer to customer: Does the customer require detailed advice on a specific product or does he just want to pick up his order in the shop? Both are typical retail scenarios, but with completely different time and effort requirements.

The NTS welcome manager is a highly sophisticated queue management software for retail stores. Right upon entering your shop, customers can give a brief outline of why they have come here (e.g., product consulting, contract renewal, questions about their latest invoice, etc.). The customer is automatically added to the queue for the sales agent best fitting their needs. Doing so, the sales agent has enough time to get a full overview of why the customer has come to the store and can then best serve them.


Frontend: Angular 7, Typescript, RxJS, SCSS, HTML5

Backend: JDK 11, Java EE 8, JPA, Liquibase, Elasticsearch, Docker, NGINX

Interfaces: REST services, Swagger, Kibana